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Have you printed them lately? Have you looked at them? These are the insides of TWO external hard drives that held years worth of some of the most precious memories of my family. I put my faith in them. I BELIEVED (ignorantly) that they would preserve my memories for the future. Not just my memories but back-ups of my clients’ images and templates and documents. Videos from the past. ALL GONE. I purchased these external hard drives around 2013 and backed up all of our computers and laptops onto them. Guess what? They’re already outdated and stopped working. Geek Squad was unable to read the data. So many people want digital images and take lots of digital images and don’t do anything with them. I’ve been so busy these last few years that I kept telling myself “as long as I take the photos I can do something with them later.” Someday. Wrong! YEARS of my children’s lives – gone! Family trips, birthdays, holidays… All I have left is what had been posted to Facebook. (Just another reason why I love Facebook!!) Ironically I bought two and would back things up to both of them “just in case.”

Newborn Digital Photos

THEY BOTH STOPPED WORKING AT THE SAME TIME!! Please, please, please print your favorite photos. Make albums. Hang them on your walls. There are no guarantees with digital technology. It’s always changing! And of course, things happen – fires, floods… I am now planning to back mine up online as well. My heart is so heavy this evening thinking of all the memories we’ve lost. Please don’t let this happen to you!  I do print photos but not nearly enough and many times these “occasions” get put on the back burner for “later.” 😞

Newborn Digital Photos Avon Lake

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