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Bobi Biederman Photography is now offering Photography, Photoshop and Art classes in the Studio.

Photography for Beginners  $79:  Tuesday, June 7th from 7-8:30 pm in the studio

Dust off those cameras!  This is an intro class that will focus on photography basics.  You will learn what the settings on your camera mean, how to shoot in manual settings and basic photography rules.  It’s rare anymore to see someone out shooting with a real camera since it’s so convenient to grab our cell phones.  What most people don’t realize is that while those pictures may look great on your phones tiny screen, they aren’t going to look as great printed out.  Even if you hire a photographer for annual family photos, there are so many special memories to capture throughout the year – birthdays, holidays, vacations, sports, firsts… Knowing how to use a camera and capture those moments in clear quality photos to look back on will be so valuable for you and your family.

Intro to Photoshop  $149: Thursday, June 9th from 7-8:30 pm in the studio

Learn some basic tools in photoshop to enhance your photography.  Adjusting the exposure, enhancing colors or removing distracting objects is just the beginning with photoshop!  Photoshop gives you even more control of your photos.  Learn the importance of shooting in raw, how to use a mask and many of photoshops handy tools.

COMING SOON!  Photography as Art:  Come create with us using your photos!  These classes are offered for different ages. We have a heart for printed photos and would love to share fun ways to use your printed photos! Children will have a blast using their favorites to create fun art projects. They will have snacks and play games while their art dries.

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